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Thank you deeply.

Thank you Kerri! I stopped in for a "quick look" yesterday and left hours later with so many amazing outfits. I actually want an excuse to go outside the house now I don't feel like I have to wear huge floppy dresses everywhere. Thanks so much for making me feel good about me again and the great company too.
Jesse Jay Toowoomba Mum
I love how welcomed I am every time I walk into this shop! I have always been able to find something I love whenever I go in! Thank you Kerri for looking after us each time we visit!
Laura Andrews Toowoomba Mum
Thankyou soo much Kerri for putting any sort of clothing a expectant mother needs in one shop... I'll definitely be back for more when I again outgrow my clothes. Have told all my mummy friends to call in as you won't leave empty handed.
Emily Coy Toowoomba Mum