Compression Garments

SRC Compression Garments Collection


Be kind to your body! You deserve it! SRC shorts and leggings for pregnancy and after can mean the difference between pain and no pain. Coping and not coping.

We carry the full range of SRC pregnancy and recovery garments.  During pregnancy, the SRC shorts or leggings will give you amazing support as your belly grows.  They will help prevent strains, varicose veins, stretch marks, pelvic floor issues and just make you feel “together”. You will notice an immediate difference as soon as you put them on! And take them off! The recovery shorts are a must to help your body recover from the strain pregnancy and birth has put on it.  Allow your body to heal, well supported and with a little help.  Many health insurance companies will cover, or partially cover the cost of these shorts.  We will provide you with a claim for with each purchase.  Don’t forget to claim your free top through us as well!