About Us

As a mother of 5, with my eldest now in her 20’s and my youngest still in single digits, I have walked the path of motherhood in many of its shapes and forms. I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams, but have also faced challenges I never knew existed. I have children from one end of the spectrum to the other and they have all taught me things about life, love and about myself that I never knew. I have experienced the grief of losing a child, the torment of infertile times, the abyss of post-natal depression and the heartache of raising a special needs child. But also the miracle of new life, the joy of watching children play and learn, and the absolute honour of seeing my children grow into extraordinary (but not perfect) adults.
I was lucky enough to be able to choose to stay home whilst my children were young. We schooled, we homeschooled, we travelled, we worked, played…life was gorgeously messy and still is.
As my baby needed me less and less, I started to look for a way I could make a difference. I knew I wanted to work with mothers and babies. I couldn’t be a midwife (too squeamish!), not really cut out to be a teacher (don’t like following school rules!), so when my friend wanted to sell her little “at home” maternity wear business, I thought – yes…that’s something I could do! So from one rack, to thousands of items, Little Miracles Maternity Wear has become a way for me to help mums.
So many ladies come into my shop feeling frumpy and unsure about themselves. By teaching them how to dress for their body type, and having an enormous range of clothing for them to choose from, they start to believe that they are beautiful and that pregnancy doesn’t have to be all bad. I see this as an opportunity to be a positive influence, to be encouraging and to share experiences. New life never “gets old” for me! I’m always so excited for every new pregnancy – I’m such a marshmallow! And over the moon when I get to meet all the “little miracles” when mums come back for me to have a cuddle (that’s the best part of my job!)
So with hubby as my accounts manager, my daughters as my fashion advisors, and my sons as my muscles for lifting all the boxes, this is very much a family business.
There are exciting things to come…as Little Miracles and its mummies and babies are “growing beautifully.”
Love and blessings