Hotmilk Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

Size Guide

These nursing pads are the best! Made from bamboo, they are super absorbent and soft on the nipple! Cracked nipples are the worst! And disposable paper nursing pads will bring tears to your eyes. Do your nipples and the environment a favour and use bamboo!!


Shaped like a flower to be cute, but also to avoid folding. A full breast in a firm bra needs a flat, soft nursing pad to avoid mastitis.

This collection features 4 sets. 2, thicker overnight pairs, 1 nude pair for under your nude bras and one black pair for under your black bras. 



2 sets should get you through your washing cycle 

Wash them in a lingerie bag, or they’ll end up in hubbie’s pocket which won’t look great at work!

When feeding, tuck the spare one from the side you’re feeding on into your other bra cup so you don’t lose it!